Terms and conditions

Our cancellation policy

Please note that cancellations should always be made at least 24 hours before the appointment otherwise a late fee of 50% of the appointment fee will be due – please be aware that most insurance companies will not cover cancellation charges. Appointments can be amended or cancelled by contacting us by phone or e-mail.

Please note that while The London Neurocognitive Clinic may send out confirmation emails and reminder texts for your convenience, the responsibility for appointment attendance remains with you.

Further payment information

At the London Neurocognitive Clinic, we operate a pre-payment policy. This means that our self-funding clients must make payment prior to the appointment. This can be done by direct bank transfer within 24 hours of booking an appointment slot. If we do not receive payment your appointment will be offered to another client.

Failure to clear any outstanding balances with The London Neurocognitive Clinic, will result in referral to a third-party, which may result in you acquiring additional charges and interest on the balance owed.

It is your responsibility, as a client, to inform any third party of the payment terms and conditions for your treatment. The London Neurocognitive Clinic is not responsible for organising payments from third party members.

Payment policy for using an insurance provider

If you intend to claim treatment costs through an insurance provider, a valid pre-authorisation code and membership number must be provided to the clinic upon confirming your first appointment. Without a valid pre-authorisation code, The London Neurocognitive Clinic is unable to request payment from the insurance provider and so you, as the client, will be liable to cover the cost in full at the time of the appointment.

For all clients receiving treatment under BUPA UK, AXA PPP, Aviva and Vitality we require the authorisation code and guarantee of payment from the insurer within 24 hours of booking the appointment.

Should you, as the client, decide to continue with therapy beyond the end of insurance funding, the full fee will be charged. You may wish to contact your insurance provider to establish the terms and extent of your cover. This is particularly important if you would not wish to attend therapy in the absence of cover, as it is your responsibility to ensure payment and not that of the insurance provider.

If an insurance provider fails to settle the outstanding fee within 45 days of the visit, it will be the responsibility of the client to settle the outstanding fee in full as our contract of service is with the client, not the insurer. Should an insurance provider then agree to cover a consultation, the client would then be reimbursed in full or provided with a receipt of payment.

If there is a shortfall on the charged amount that the insurance provider does not cover, this amount is the responsibility of you, as the client.

It is the responsibility of the client to be aware of the Terms and Conditions of their insurance policy and to ensure that the provider is willing to cover all sessions booked as rejected invoices will be redirected to the client.


We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Each clinician is bound by the ethical rules of our professional organisations.

All patient data is stored with strict adherence to the rules of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

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